Welcome to Perfect Curry

My love for food has been there from the time I remember taking my first steps to school. As long as I can remember my life, also comes the passion for cooking. However, as it happened it never occurred to me to invest much time for my hobbies or passions. It was just that I enjoyed cooking for my family and friends time to time. Then came the motherhood and came with it the opportunity to reconnect with my roots and rediscover my passion for cooking and all things food.

I come from an island nation in the middle of Indian ocean called Sri Lanka. We are very passionate about many things that is very much our heritage, history, culture, music and also our love for food and cooking. We love our coconut trees, seafood, rice and plates loaded with ensemble of coconut, curry spices and cooked away in wood fired stoves in to simmering deliciousness. Curry is an integral part of Sri Lankan diet. I certainly never realized it when I was eating it for 20 plus years almost every day. My grand mother could spin any plant in to a coconut based curry or a sambol instantly. I grew up everyday eating good food with very complex layers of flavors. It is my hope that I will be able to share some of that goodness and fond memories with you while I take my journey across the world of curries and stews, to find my perfect curry.