The Perfect Curry Cooking Workshop

Learn to make any Sri Lankan curry or a curry inspired meal from scratch by participating in one of my cooking workshops. Learn how to make spices, sauces and support the art of Sri Lankan cooking and sauce making.

Starting from USD
  • Every workshop includes a meal plan, recipes, website subscriber only content updates

In this online Individual lesson, you’ll learn:

✓ Comprehensive lesson for a dinner menu with curry from start to finish.

✓ How to make spice mixes yourself, make the curry and create a fun meal using the curry.

✓ How to pair curries with sides and guide to weekly meal planning with curries. Sign up today to cook with me.

Cooking Workshop with recipe kit (US $55 / hour long lesson)

✓ Recipes, Individualized meal plan with curry and sides, cooking lesson, spice mixes shipped ahead of the class. You will get instructions, Class date along with the meeting link in the mail. All upon registration completion.

✓ Premium content and newsletter access to all registered subscribers.

  • Available united states only

Cooking workshop without recipe kit (US $20 / hour long lesson)

✓Printable recipes, printable meal plan with curry and sides, class date and meeting link in single e mail upon registration completion.

Preregister today to secure your spot!

cooking workshop kit

Fall class topics: Class dates are by appointment

Apple Curry, Spicy pork curry, Black chicken curry, Pumpkin curry, Sri Lankan style beans curry

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