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Number 1 guide to best Lamb curry

I chose braised or Leg of lamb with curry seasoning as star dish of my rice and curry Christmas dinner table. I had made many roasted Lamb dishes over the years with curry seasoning, they all turned out great. But really wished if there was a way flavorful seasoning blend can be more infused in to every bit of the lamb evenly. If there is any good ways to do it without cutting that big piece of meat into cubes, I just couldn’t see it. This year I was determined to make a full pledged curry and just give it a try. I am so glad I did. It turned out to be the best lamb curry dish I ever made with so many depths and layers of flavors distributed evenly throughout every bite. Little bit about Lamb Curry in Sri Lanka Lamb curry and three meat curry is often the choice for us Sri Lankans when we make Lamprais. In my culture, goat meat or venison is popular and much more available choice of …

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This #1 Bitter Melon curry recipe delivers full body flavor to your palate

Bitter Melon Curry benefits and how to make sri Lankan style curried bitter melons