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Extra Spicy Curried Mackerel Fish

Curried Fatty fish using Sri Lankan spices , inspired by Goan fish curry.

Beef Curry with Coconut Milk and Peanuts

Beef curry prepared with spicy sauce inspired by authentic Sri Lankan spices, coconut milk and peanuts. slow cooked to almost pan roast.

Mutton curry the way I love it

For most Bengali households, Sundays are all about steaming mutton curry and white rice. The Bengali style of mutton curry should definitely have potatoes in it, and sometimes papaya too (papaya is a great tenderiser, and so the mutton gets cooked fast). According to experts, mutton tastes best when it is cooked on a low […] Mutton curry the way I love it

Creamy potato Salad with No Mayo

Spicy kick with Turmeric yellow curry dressing and inspired by Sri Lankan Potato curry. Today, when my garden is getting some much needed rain, I thought about testing out some new potato salad idea with no mayonnaise but coconut curry flavored with my favorite homemade seasoning base. It was fun trying out some great outdoor grilling and smoking recipes last week, so why not some sides this week. After all its 4th of July weekend ! Sri Lankan creamy potato curry is more of a soup style curry base made with boiling potatoes in coconut milk and spices, herbs including turmeric and curry leaves. Potato salad on the other hand is potatoes coated with yummy creamy dressing, which is something very different from Sri Lankan idea of a curry. I love the flavor of both and wanted so bad to take inspiration from both dishes to make something with my own twist. I also wanted a lower calorie version of potato salad with no mayonnaise. There are so many variations of potato salads all around …