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What’s your favorite Sri Lankan curry

If you love cooking and eating Sri Lankan curry recipes and genuinely enjoy rice and curry dinners this space is for you. This website is dedicated to my home cooking, custom homemade Sri Lankan curry powder ideas and meals based on curries.

Thank you for visiting me in this unique space dedicated to curry and home cooking! What is ThePerfectCurry? It is ever expanding e-book of curries and food culture behind Sri Lankan curries. The perfect curry is a place for my home curry recipes. It is about ingredients, fascinating ways we can combine different spices. It is about curry culture. It is about cooking methods. Eventually it is about eating curry as healthy and flavorful as it can be.

I write my opinion here along with some delicious curry recipes.

The perfect curry is for everyone who likes to read about recipes with background and culture. The perfect curry is for everyone who would like to peek at where a recipe originated and why it is cooked this way. The perfect curry is for everyone who might want to see a little bit more in humble home kitchen curry. If you are every bit fascinated by curry and curry culture everywhere in the world, this space is for you. Welcome!

Popular recipes

Braised Pork Belly
How to cook easy braised pork belly on stove with Sri Lankan curry seasoning
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image of pork belly curry with rice
Roasted potato curry recipe
One of a kind scrumptious roasted potato curry recipe using curry braising sauce made with Sri Lankan flavors. Easy one pan side for any occasion
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roasted potato curry
Oven baked chicken thighs
These easy red curry flavored chicken thighs are perfect weeknight curry dinner in the oven.
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image of baked chicken thighs
Sri Lankan tuna curry Ambul Thiyal
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image of sri Lankan dark tuna curry