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Rice : Top four popular rice side dishes from Sri Lanka

Crowd pleasing rice sides Ghee Rice / Malay herb ghee rice The flavorful dish is very easy and straight forward to make. Ghee rice and it’s variations are a popular choice when it comes to wedding menu creations in Sri Lanka. Medium or short grain raw rice is perfect for making this rice side dish. At my home whenever I want to make Ghee rice I use ponni raw rice from the Indian grocery store. If not, you could use Basmati rice, if that what you can easily find. Ingredients 4 cups of rice Two medium red onions One inch piece of lemongrass 3 Inch stick of cinnamon One tablespoon of whole black pepper Half a cup of cashews Two tablespoon of raisins 6 Cardamom pods 4 while cloves 2 inch piece of Pandan leaves 2 teaspoon of ginger and garlic crushed together 8 cups of water or chicken stock 2 Teaspoon of salt 2 tablespoon of Ghee Preparation Rinse the rice and drain. Set aside. Peel and slice red onions and fry in ghee …

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How to Eat Leafy Greens Sri Lankan Style

Greens as a Condiment One of the best ways to add leafy greens to any meal is by making them into a chutney or making pesto with it. Sri Lankan style coconut green chili and curry leave chutney is one of my favorite dips for cutlets or carrot sticks. I do think however, this recipe is heavily influence by Indian chutneys made in somewhat similar way. Like, Coriander chutney. Prepping yourself a curry leaves chutney is super easy. Just puree couple of handfuls of curry leaves, half a cup of coconut, a clove of garlic, three green chilies, teaspoon of turmeric, half a teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of freshly crushed black pepper, tablespoon of lime juice. Apart from these common methods, we do often add them in to flat breads , salads and soups as well. As the saying goes, as much vegetables as possible in the diet is good. isn’t it ?

Title card of the Eggplant curry recipe

Sri Lankan eggplant curry with Air fried eggplants

Vegan, Plant based spicy eggplant curry with Sri Lankan flavors. Perfect accompaniment to Rice and curry meals and Sourdough bread meals