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Links and Collaborations with ThePerfectCurry blog

Links and Collaborations via sponsered content is how you can support my journey

I love delicious food and cooking. Creating healthy, delicious, easy to make recipes for me and my family started out as a fun activity. It quickly grew in to finding quality wholesome ingredients and creating balanced meals. It has helped me to reverse my blood sugar spikes, cravings, helps me stay full longer and helped reverse my prediabetic diagnosis. I admit I still give priority to the most delicious recipes when it comes to publishing my recipes, but I have my cravings to blame.

My recipes are my own, inspired from Sri Lankan way of cooking created from whole ingredients, tested, and tried to ensure consistent flavor and nutritional value. I am constantly updating recipes, cooking tips, and creating delicious and balanced meals. Links and collaborations are a way that you can contribute and add your ideas to this blog while supporting the cost of running this website.

How to collaborate with The Perfect Curry Blog.

  • Email your ideas, recipes, and guest posts for collaborations and inspirations column for review.
  • Submit e mail requests for sponsored Link ins and sponsored posts. We would love to write about you. (We reserve the right to select and publish content)

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