Catalogue of popular curry recipes

A snapshot of some of most popular curry recipes from The Perfect Curry blog through pictures. Recipes catalogued here are purely Sri Lankan rustic curries, with my own custom seasoning.

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Chicken curry Recipes

Rice recipes

Other popular rice side dishes

Some of the weekly meal prep recipes

Fish curry recipes

crayfish red curry
Crayfish red curry
Spicy Sri Lankan crayfish curry
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image of sri Lankan dark tuna curry
Sri Lankan tuna curry Ambul Thiyal
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Specialty Beef curry Lamb curry and Pork curry recipes

image of Sri Lankan spicy pork curry
Red pork curry
image of black pork curry
Black pork curry recipe
What does the Sri Lankan black pork curry taste like? Black pork curry brings out the flavors of tender smoky pork flavor to spotlight that you might want to keep making this curry over and over to keep that taste around. This is how I make it.
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image of pork chops curry
Coriander pork chops curry
Easy mild pork curry with Sri Lankan yellow curry powder
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leg of lamb curry
Lamb curry in oven


image of lamb curry
Wild game curry of Vedda tribe with Lamb
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image of pork belly curry with rice
Braised Pork Belly
How to cook easy braised pork belly on stove with Sri Lankan curry seasoning
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