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Curried Chicken Fry Village Style

Chicken curry made with pan roasting chicken in its own juices and spices until roasted perfection. keto friendly and flavorful

Mung bean pancakes for a savory weekend breakfast!

Mung bean pancakes are something I make for breakfast so often. Healthy filling and savory just like my indulgence. I came across this recipe and wanted to share with all. Mung bean pancakes for a savory weekend breakfast!

What’s cooking in my Kitchen 😋🍕🍛🥬🥬🥟

Spicy Chicken Meatballs

I am going on a little different curry journey today. Past few days I missed eating a good meatball recipe. But I wasn’t really in the mood for regular Italian style meatballs. I was craving for a difference style of meatball. Specifically, without any red meat in it. Mostly because I had brought some chicken breast and wanted to try out recipes chicken meatballs. I got my journal and recipe logs out and started reading through them. After little bit of research, I stumbled upon many different meatball recipes from around the world. Also, so many different methods of making them.  There is no telling where the meatball originated from, but they are a delish and every culture of the world have a different name and ingredients and seasoning that go into it. Mostly made with ground beef or lamb and seasonal herbs, deep fried or grilled to perfection and finished in tangy sauce. Moving towards Asia and China I found recipes that use seafood, pork, or mixed ground meat and even tubers and finished …

Potatoes, Beets and Curries

Beetroot curry and Potato curry salad. what goes best with beetroots ? storm of good recipes using Sri Lankan curry seasoning base