How high fiber keto zucchini bread helps me on my keto quest

hi fiber keto zucchini almond bread

High fiber sourdough bread was a huge gastronomic advantage while I was trying vegan diet and trying to improve my metabolic health. Yes, I am calling it metabolic health rather than losing weight, because I have recently come to experience how important the function of carbohydrates in your meals to insulin/glucagon balance. This balance is the single most important thing in your day today health.

I started baking bread for fun. After some trial and error, I quickly discovered how much fun it is to make a sourdough loaf. It is an art and craft in breadmaking world. Slow rising breads came after, then I started making rye high fiber sourdough breads. I created array of recipes with different flour combinations, fiber levels and blood glucose performance. All these bread experiments really helped me to lose 35 pounds within two months with real foods.

My newest muse is going even further low carb to ketogenic levels whilst eating real and delicious healthy food groups. So far I love how things are going. Two months in to eating keto and keto friendly meals, I feel I need to customize my bread recipe to help bring more fiber in to my diet. I think it will be beneficial to add more dietary fiber in food for more satiety, regulation, and overall better gut bacteria. Challenge is to be finding ways and doing it without going overboard with carbohydrates or calories. It is a delicate balance of nutrient formula I need to fine tune.

Making a loaf that is going to be keto friendly, using my favorite rye bread recipe is a challenge I am willing to take on some time in near future.

Fiber, Fat and good gastronomy

Adding fiber rich vegetables to make high fiber meals is something I have used in my menu planning for years. Soluble dietary fiber improves digestion, helps the growth of good gut bacteria, cut down the net carbs in the meal, regulate insulin response that carbohydrates create. I strive to always add fiber to my meals with healthy, locally sourced, and natural, non-industrially processed food.

keto hi fiber mallum and baked fish
Sri Lankan mallum and Sri Lankan style fish curry roast

One thing I am still getting used to is upping the fat intake in my meals to the levels that needs me to be in a good ketogenic diet. It is huge learning curve to learn to steer away from carbohydrates eat that much fat, including saturated fat. What converted me to finally give a keto diet a try is by listening to the podcasts by Dr. Bret Scher at diet doctor podcast.

I used to listen to his podcast absent mindedly for a long time because of the fear of eating fat. Listening to him led me to reading authors like Dr. Jason fung, Dr. Ben bikman, Dr. Vera Tarman. Odd combination of books to read and refer, but It did helped to understand why I had to drink gallons of water to scarcely make through my day or I needed to drag myself to my to my next meal on the diets I followed before.

I needed to get used to eating high fat, low carb to break the insulin cycle. Learning to think about insulin as more of a growth hormone, than a regulatory one, was why I needed to try and bring down high insulin levels in my body. I needed to try to bring the insulin levels down instead of high sugars or high A1C or high calorie content by adjusting my diet.

simple words, I decided to go back to eating keto friendly bread and fat dripping curries with full of flavor made with fatty cuts of meat. Also, lets not forget scrumptious vegetable curries with lots of coconut cream and oil.

hi fiber keto zucchini almond bread
Keto Zucchini Bread and spicy chicken Balti with peanut butter chili sauce.

Satiety with high fiber meals with fatty curries

I love that I get to eat my favorite high fiber low carb meals with plenty of vegetables and proteins in keto diet. I use rice replacements made from vegetables, mashed vegetables with cream cheese to pair with curries and pasta made from zucchini and eggplants instead of traditional carb-based pasta.

Staying happy with my meals is easiest thing in the world to do with curries made with high fatty cuts of meat, good dose of spices that helps with not only flavor and added health benefits. Making curries helps me better balance my macronutrients better plan my meals to suit my lifestyle.

Some favorite picks of fat dripping curries

Weight loss or improving metabolism is a lifelong journey. It is a risky one as well. Each of our bodies, the health status each of us are in is different to one another. Therefore, it is important to do due research and follow advise on what works for you. Which is why I will not try to give diet or weight loss advise here.

I will, however, share how I adopted this diet to my lifestyle and some delicious feel-good, healthy, delicious meals I make and take on my day today breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I hope this article and recipes will form a part of your own research on how to improve your meals.

image of keto bread

Keto Almond Zucchini bread

Course Breakfast, lunch
Cuisine American
Servings 8 Servings


  • 4 oz Cream cheese room temperature
  • 3 Eggs
  • 120 grams grated and squeezed zucchini
  • 120 Almond pulp leftover from making almond milk
  • 2 tbsp of ground chia seeds
  • 1 tsp of yellow curry powder
  • Salt to taste
  • Tablespoon Olive oil


  • Mix cream cheese with a wire whisk and add eggs one by one. Add salt to taste
  • Mix yellow curry powder with zucchini almond pulp and chia seeds
  • Mix the egg mixture with zucchini. It should make a moist batter. Place the batter in a loaf pan lined with parchment paper. and
  • Baked 375 for 35 minutes or bake until firm and sides start pulling away from the sides. Toothpick inserted should come out clean when its completely done.


I didn’t add baking powder because I wanted to skip adding any additives. Keto recipes do need a little more baking powder to rise. If you want to you could add 2 teaspoons of baking powder to make this bread rise more. If you choose to add baking powder bread is going to have the traditional look and feel and more body to it.
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Eating good and real food

I am a huge believer in eating real foods. In my recipe quest for keto diet, I came across lots of recipes, which use xanthan gum, artificial sweeteners, polyol-based sweeteners like erythritol, and fiber powders. I understand there is a place for these when trying to make foods that looks and feels similar to my cravings before. I have long since decided my way is going to be trying to train myself out of these craving generated foods as much as possible.

I needed add more dietary fibers to my meals with cooked and raw vegetables instead of supplemental processed fibers. I needed try not to make keto baked sweets like cakes, biscuits that needs lot more factory processed texturizers to mimic the traditional baked goods. Instead, I pledged myself to fill my plate with vegetables and organic unprocessed meat and seafood as much as possible and create meals around that that would make me happy.

Meanwhile, if you would like to checkout my low GI hi fiber sourdough bread recipe. please check out my blog post about rye sourdough bread.

How to make yellow curry powder

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