10 delicious keto meals with curry flavors

It has been quite a few weeks from the point I last updated on my low carb/Keto meals journey. I feel like new update is far overdue.

I am a curry lover and that has not changed over the years. I am a rice lover too. Major parts of my meals consisted of Sri Lankan rice and curry and homemade sourdough breads.

I am not a stranger to trying out diet plans, I have tried few over the years myself. I have tried vegan/plant based, low carb, paleo, intermittent fasting with low carb and now I am trying out Keto meals.

I have achieved my goals under all of them eating delicious food. I think that lot of meal plans can be customized to suit each of our flavor profiles, wonderfully. Each diet has its high and low points, but low carb is the first diet I felt like I am not depriving myself of anything. I am happy about the meals I get to create under new keto meals umbrella with the spice blends I love.

Without going down in the rabbit hole of analyzing all the diet plans I have been in, the highs and lows of each, I am trying to share today is some of most enjoyable keto meals and menus I am doing with my own curry-based flavors.

If there is anything that we all the diet communities can agree on, if the meals are healthy while being satisfying and flavorful, you have better chance of keeping on with your diet. I am happy that I have lot of room to play with the curries that I love, in my current keto and keto friendly low carb meals.

Honorary mentions of some top keto meals I created and loved so much.

Keto meal made wit staffed squid

Sri Lankan style stuffed Squid

This is one of my favorite meals out of all that I made so far. It is also easy to make. This recipe is inspired by Sri Lankan style stuffed cuttlefish curry. I used a combination of zucchini, eggplant, and mushrooms to make a filling and stuffed inside cuttlefish before grilling them on hot grill. Alternative to this you can also shallow fry these stuffed cuttlefish. Stuffed cuttlefish cooked this way, becomes a flavor bomb exploding in your mouth, just like you have eaten a dumpling.

Mouthwatering curry roasted Salmon keto meal

Marinate again in red curry powder, salt, and lime peels. after half an hour, coat the salmon in butter and dust thoroughly with fine sea salt and red curry powder. Bake until copper brown crust forms and cooked through. (375 f Degree oven about 40 minutes)

Keto style pork cutlets with steamed broccoli

Pork cutlets are a perfect make-ahead keto meal. Also, a good old fashioned deep fried in oil delight. Easy marinade with red curry seasoning paste, little salt for half an hour and then coated in eggs and crusted with coconut and almond flour mixture. Deep fried to perfection. Paired this with steamed broccoli florets for a delicious dinner.

Cauliflower mash with rotisserie chicken and grilled vegetables

What was my dinner like after spending the day out enjoying the summer heat in the beach. It still felt good making time to cook and have a delicious keto dinner that did not come from leftovers. Cauliflower mash comes together in minutes and serves that with store-bought rotisserie chicken and quick grilled vegetables. It is important to have easy to eat keto meals like this in your menu journal, when you have young ones.

Life is not very structured at this phase of life. No matter what you do, you plan, unexpected things do happen. Like taking longer to have fun outdoors. Entertaining kids a little longer. It is a good feeling when you can keep up with your diet even when you don’t have a lot of time for long dinner preparation and cooking.

Zucchini boats with stir fried squid and eggplant curry with avocado cream

Lets mention, one of the breakfast recipes that I fell in love with so much that feels as good as toast and eggs does. I was looking at creative ways I can incorporate avocado into my everyday meals as much as possible. Except for avocado smoothie and eggs and avocado, there were not any ideas worth exploring. One day, I decided to go ahead and make avocado garlic cream for zucchini boats and pair it with cuttlefish stir-fry.

My zucchini boats are thinly sliced zucchini lightly blanched in the skillet. I spread them up with an easy avocado and garlic cream and topped up with sauteed cuttlefish with veggies. Perfect savory breakfast for with black coffee.

image of pancake with yogurt and jam in bowl

Almond flour keto pancake, low carb style chia Jam with yogurt and cream cheese spreading

Curried peppers with fluffy scrambled eggs for pack and go keto meal

Always start with an extremely hot skillet to make fluffy scrambled eggs that perfectly pairs with curries. This is not your regular scrambled eggs with soft and creamy curdled texture, because you want the eggs to soak up the sauce from the curry. Break up three eggs and whisk them with a fork gently before adding them to extremely hot skillet. let it cook few seconds and start folding the corners on itself until eggs become fluffy and well done.

Keto style noodle bowl with Sri Lankan style meatballs curry

Keto bread and curry plate with Zucchini bread and chicken Balti