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5 Easy Sri Lankan lunch menus

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In my perfect curry meal book Lunch menus are light but satisfying and easy to prep with very little time. I will go for one of my favorite and flavorful curries and create something easy and ready to go if need be. over the years I have created so many recipes, I am so excited to share with you as I go along.

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In the meantime, I am happy to bring a little snippet of what I have made over the years with my curries. I hope this post inspires you to experiment with your curries and create easy yummy meals. I would love to hear about them and read how you like curry-based meals. please like, comment and share with your friends if you like my posts. love to all of you who read my posts.

Sri Lankan fish curry paratha lunch wrap

Sri Lankan curry lunch menus

image of fish curry hummus  paratha wrap lunch

Sri Lankan sour fish aka ambul thiyal hummus with toasted sesame oil. Every time I make Sri Lankan Ambul thiyal fish curry / Sri Lankan sour fish curry for dinner, a paratha wrap is our lunch. I love using the curry to flavor the whole thing.

To make easy hummus

2 teaspoons of Ambul thiyal curry with a big piece of fish from the curry. Tablespoon of diced onions, tablespoon of chopped cilantro, half a teaspoon of salt and half a teaspoon of sesame oil. Mash everything together, add bit of olive oil if you need it, squeeze little bit of fresh lime juice when you are done.

Make your wrap sandwich for lunch menu

Just go with the flow and the mood that you have for your meal. in my case I heated up a paratha /flatbread wrap, put huge dollop of the freshly made curry hummus and that was it. let me know what you like in your wrap in a note below.


To make the wrap for kids

Grab a paratha, layer a tablespoon of cooked white rice, layer a tablespoon of hummus, sprinkle some mozzarella cheese fold it in half and heat on hot cast iron skillet just until cheese is melted. It was such a hit


Bread and tempered curry

Bread lunch menu

I am calling this one “the deconstructed Sub”. I think it’s a very fitting name because instead of eating my bread soggy I can just have it on the side and have few curries along with it.

This is a Lunch menu in my book for the leisurely days. I can take my time and sit down to eat my lunch with my husband. That usually come on Wednesdays. There are so many choices of curry combinations that work. As per the bread, fresh sourdough loaf ( whenever you have it ) is the way to go.


Curry rice bowl

image of spinach and lentils with rice

This is literally the simplest of curry lunch menu you can serve when you have curry or two ready to go in your fridge. Because you know curries store really well in the fridge for three to four days maybe even longer. How long a curry stays good depending on the type of the curry, but they do pretty good overall. Lentil and bean curries usually keep well.

In any given week I have at least three premade curries for the lunch menus and dinners so this a easy one to serve. what are your favorite curry rice bowls? let me know in a comment below.

We have in this curry rice bowl


Sri Lankan fish buns/curry buns

Fish curry buns lunch

Sri Lankas famous fish buns are ultimate grab and go lunch menu option from my lunch book. Traditionally they are made with canned fish or cooked tuna tempered with potatoes to make a spicy filling. However, any tempered curry that does not have any sauce or dry is perfectly good to make curry filled buns. click on links to read further for my favorite curry choices to fill these buns


Fried rice lunch bowl

fried rice and tuna curry lunch

Fried rice and curry lunch menu is very versatile and enjoyable. It is quick to make, can use up the vegetables we all probably have at hand anytime like onions, peppers maybe some spinach or leek, maybe a grated carrot. whatever you have at hand works.

little bit oil in the pan quick sauté of veggies and little bit of yellow curry powder, tad bit of soya sauce and leftover rice combination works every time. what elevates this dish to next level is quick Tuna ambul thiyal made from a regular can of chunk light tuna. One can of tuna with water, 2 teaspoons of black curry seasoning and heat up gently does the trick.

Chop up some salad on it and you have a delicious and nutritious lunch under 20 minutes. I have to say quick fried rice is one of favorite ways to use up leftover veggies and rice.

Best curries to use in another meal

Primarily a curry will work best with rice. However, I make and curries in other meals all the time. In my opinion these curries are better than most to use in salad dressings, dipping sauces and in sandwiches. here are my few honorable mentions.

Some curries work great as fillings for sandwiches, or to be used as a pizza sauce. I will link some of them below. I hope I inspired you to try something new with a curry. let me know if you did. lots of love from me


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