A very curry 2023, my food story, dreams, and anticipations


I hope everyone had an incredibly happy 2023 celebration! I had a very curry 2023! I had one which all my curry dreams for the holidays came true! The end of 2022 was a couple of weeks with mixed feelings, some forced rest time and not being able to write my recipes to you. But we are all going through post pandemic ups and downs. Flu throughout the holidays was certainly not enough to make me stop cooking my favorite dishes.

My curry 2023 dream included baking some of the favorite recipes for my kids and baking some curries, and roasts done with my home blended curry powders. All those recipes are what I am most excited to share with you in 2023.

My curry 2023 theme for the holiday season was oven baked curries. Curry made in the oven isn’t a new concept to the world. We all use our oven to make slow cooked meats, pot roasts, casseroles and many more. In winter using our ovens is even more desirable for convenience, and just because it’s what makes the winter vibes and warmth. Adopting my favorite curry recipes for the oven took some workaround but by no means was hard. These new curries, however, did yield delicious results. I can’t wait to share all about my new curry 2023 experiments with you, in the coming months.

Red curry turkey roast was my first curry 2023 experiment for Thanksgiving dinner

Red curry turkey roast

A thanksgiving dinner table full of delicious curry recipes and a curry infused turkey roast was my first curry 2023 dream. I managed to achieve my curry 2023 dream quite beautifully with some planning and preparation ahead.

A platter full of roasted brussels sprouts, turkey roast, Sri Lankan cashew curry and Sri Lankan baby jackfruit curry made nice rustic thanksgiving dinner together. Apple pie and blueberry yogurt cream pie made a perfect dessert.

A merry curry Christmas and a New Year

Christmas and school vacation look like amusement looking back, but it felt like I had to push through those few days one way or another. It was filled with tending to fevers, cleaning up vomit and frequent calls to the doctor’s office. At the end we made it through. We made it through fine. It did mean however, I had to slash down my Christmas and New year plans significantly. Decorations were very select, it had to be a very indoor just family only Christmas.

Pastry, cookies banana bread with tea

What plentiful was curries and oven baked curries. I consider it a huge win when I could somehow make puff pastry from scratch and make mini pastries to perfection. Mini puff pastry, spicy fish cutlets, chocolate chip cookies, banana bread and soft pretzels. It felt like I kept everyone in food heaven and didn’t let the flu dampen the Christmas spirit.

Nicely done black curry beef roast was how I kept curry 2023 spirit going to the incoming year. Flavors of Black curry and angus top round blended so well for a perfect star dish. Just the right amount of flavor from toasted coriander and coconut to the right amount of heat from black pepper to complement the flavor of beef.

Pies for Christmas dinner or the chocolate cake was part of the dream that wasn’t realized, although we did have plenty of sweets left from the breakfast tea table, I made for Christmas morning. It was a celebration that we really enjoyed as a family.

Gratitude for the passing year and anticipation for the coming year.

New year breakfast table  with milk rice ,red curry fried chicken , curry baked poratoes

This blogger had a lot to be thankful for in 2022. I got to share a lot of my own way of cooking with an ever-growing community of curry lovers. ThePerfectCurry has grown from a few hundred to a couple of thousand viewers per month. I loved getting responses from everyone who liked, shared, followed me, and gave feedback of any kind.

I get to start 2023 with my sincere gratitude towards my followers and readers. I couldn’t have done this without your support.

A better curry 2023 really looks like a one that I will share and create easier to make versatile curry recipes, share cooking methods and meal ideas with you. I hope you will come along with me on another fulfilling ride in 2023.

With that anticipation made a milk rice for the first breakfast of 2023. Milk rice accompanied by red curry fried chicken, some delicious baked potato curry and Imbul kiribath (sweet coconut and milk rice sandwiches). 2022 was a good year for my family and my wish in 2023 is peace, health, and happiness to all of you us.

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