The can do attitude and little mom’s grit

10k all time views on #theperfectcurry, achieved within a year. 200 ranking queries on Google. Numbers shouldn’t matter much when it comes to my hobby project. what matters to me is the story behind it.

When I decided to leave my career behind to be with my husband and decided to pursue raising a family instead of the traditional idea of a  career, I wasn’t really ready for the diminished sense of self value I faced from some people I know and loved. Good people I knew loved me very much. It was like because I was a stay at home mom, who didn’t do regular makeup and had my hair on up do and wore a jogger and a loose tee-shirt instead of professional attire, my opinion somehow didn’t matter as much as it used to. I was caring for my children, family and home and not doing a 9 to 5, my work wasn’t really measuring up to the kind of work that would get a paycheck from a company.  I couldn’t really understand why. Why hugging my children and playing with them was deemed lesser than working for a company. Why making good nutritious meals for my family was less than an expensive restaurant meal. I felt fortunate to be able to support my husband, raise our kids and pursue my hobbies. But I needed to do more for people who thought I was unlucky or not quite up to the mark.

With that need, I decided I wanted to dust up this brain child #theperfectcurry and start posting. What I wasn’t prepared for is the joy of doing something I truly love every day. The learning curve and experiencing new things. People I got to know that work hard to make things they believe in and love a success. A sense of community who appreciates and cheers even the smallest successes of fellow community members.

Today, I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came to my social media and blog, liked my pictures, and gave me a shout out and reshared a post. Also, to everyone who has clicked on a website link, took time to read, leave a comment and subscribe. You have given me so much more joy than you will ever know. Thank you so much for the new world and possibilities that you have shown me.  I hope you will come along with me for the next milestone.

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