First milestone for Theperfectcurry

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One small milestone for my blog and one giant leap for my heart

Hello my lovely readers,

I am here today to thank and appreciate your love. My post about top Sri Lankan rice dishes is ranking at 6th place on Google. It is an such a joy to watch my baby growing. This blog is my brain and soul child. I am a happy mama home chef seeing it on ranking.

Over last year I have made 212 posts and have almost 4300 visitors who have read what I wrote. It isn’t about number I am greatful to each and every one of their love. Because each and every visit to my website, each like , comment makes me happy. Hope I can do much better work in future. If you like what I am doing. Please subscribe and share my posts. Let me know from a comment. I am exited for next months and I have lot more recipes and tips to share.

Thank you

💕 Kalani

Kalani M

Mom of two beautiful girls, foodie, homemaker and cook. Former business development manager, permeant bookworm, hobby painter

Post about popular Rice recipes from Sri Lanka

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