My rice and curry Christmas and New year

Wishing you all my theperfectcurry family members an incredibly happy 2022. I hope everyone enjoyed their time with friends and family and having the best food possible. We certainly did and I am happy to share all about it.

We dove in straight to feasting mode from day before Christmas. Even though I had been doing a vegetarian based diet the past few months, for the holidays we chose to go all in and indulge in every food that we had missed so much. I meant full guilty pleasure foods. I made rye sourdough French toast and bacon with eggs. I planned-ahead and made some delicious chili pineapple jam and Sri Lanka style lemon pickle ahead. A few days back I received delicious mixed berry jam in exchange for my rye sourdough starter. Spreads covered I decided to bake two giant rye sourdough sandwich loaves to fulfil all the sandwich, toast, and cinnamon toast cravings. There was no stopping after that. Egg and cream cinnamon French toast, fried bacon, pineapple jam, berry jam and wood apple jam from Sri Lanka. cinnamon candied apples. It was a stylish meal.

My heart was set on rice and curry lunches for the holidays. Meanwhile the kids and daddy were busy decorating their gingerbread house and making messes, I got down to making lunch. A kid friendly meal, so festive and flavorful but totally without heat. I made Leek and beef curry, creamy potato curry and roasted brussels sprouts with bacon. Punch from the lime chili pickle is just so perfect for us grownups.

Pre Christmas lunch

With bellies full we decided to spend the afternoon cozied up in sofa watching movies. I don’t exactly remember what we watched, but I profoundly remember spice wine and cappuccino with whipped cream topping and hot chocolate for kids. after those, we decided to top everything up with some more movies until dinnertime.

After dinner, kids were off to bed with heavy anticipation of on coming Santa and two tired elves quickly set the stage up to see happy kiddo faces in the morning.

I made milk rice for the breakfast in Christmas morning. We spend the day opening gifts, thanking Santa, watching more movies and playing games. I kept lunch simple with Ribbon Sandwich. we topped everything up with mulled wine, fancy coffee and movies.

Ribbon sandwich recipe

Then it was time for Christmas dinner. Star dish was the awesome black lamb curry made in clay Dutch oven. Fragrant blend of sri Lankan spices and chili lime pickle providing aroma and flavor to the meat over three hours of cooking. I kept sides simple just with ghee vegetable rice, curries and Christmas cake.

At the end of the two days this mama was tired, in a food coma and happy. things didn’t end their after all week of eating leftovers, we ended the food vacation on high note of new year breakfast table in rice and curry style. Milk rice, Sri Lankan Salmon sambal, black pork curry, buttermilk pancake and bacon and egg toast. That’s a meal and a grazing table for the whole day.

2022 here we come !

Also, this mama got to do some painting on the side, which was amazing !

I know 2021 hasn’t been an easy year for many of us. it has not been to us. But we always need to try and make our best of every moment. That was my lifeline last year. I tried to make my family happy. It worked. It made me happy. I am going to try and do more of it to make others happy next year. I think it’s a good new year resolution as any.