Stir Fried and Curried

A Curry Without Sauce

It was a curry kind of a day. I got my jar of coconut oil and spice arsenal out to make some curries. Got my cookbooks out and made some good tempered curries.

What is a dry curry. a curry with a very little sauce it almost feels like a stir fry.

it is prepared by tempering the vegetables or pulses in spicy blend of aromatics first and let it cook down to as little sauce as possible, using its own juices and very little thick coconut cream. It is a highly fragrant and flavorful, making perfect rice and curry meal. Complex flavor profile of dry roasted spices bring a much needed highlight to the meal.

With the promise of sharing each and every recipe with you soon, let me just share a snapshot of what I made today.☺️❤️

It was perfect afternoon spent cooking and eating 😄.

Roasted Eggplant tempered curry

This spicy tart curry is prepared by stir-frying roasted eggplant pieces with peppers onions and Malabar tamarind.

perfect accompaniment over rice , curried lentils and a salad

Cabbage and lentils tempered curry.

Cabbage and lentils cooked in red curry powder in very low and slow with just a sprinkle of water. Vegetables are allowed to steam and cook on its own juices absorbing the flavor of spices. finished with just a touch of coconut milk.

Spicy Mung Bean Curry

with cumin and roasted red pepper. spicy yet creamy curry is made by simmering soaked mung beans until almost dry and then finishing up with coconut milk. perfect over red rice and a grated carrot salad and Spicy mackerel curry.

Roasted Beef Curry

Perfect way to cook stew cut beef or beef chuck that requires a long simmering time. Chunks of beef simmered in spicy coconut curry blend made using yellow curry seasoning base until spices are absorbed and crusted around meat. Boiled peanuts added for additional crunch. perfect accompaniment with naan or steamed rice.