Speedy, Satisfying, Summer Salads.

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the summer, soaking up the sun with all the bounty it offers. It is my firs post in a while today and I picked this collection of awesome salads to share with you. The pictures made me stop in my tracks, they are that tempting. All my favorite ingredients coming together to make up a delightful treat. My favorite out of this collection is mustard seed and bean salad.

Most of my time these days spent in trying to create low carb or ketogenic style meals from my favorite homestyle sri Lankan curries. It is time for me to try making more balanced, low carb meals that I can truly enjoy eating. As much as I love white rice, I have to save it for special occasions. Its hard for me to stay away from rice and curry meals, and cravings of a delicious meal. As an attempt to cut down carbs, I will try creating meals to include more vegetables, low carb options instead of rice and sharing my journey here. I will use my ever trusted homemade curry pastes and Sri Lankan curries as my inspirations.

What better way to start that journey with some delicious summer salads..

image of a salad

I’ve mentioned this before, the exasperating response when invited for a braai or get-together, “what can I bring” and the equally annoying answer, “Oh just bring a salad.” In our house, this normally puts my wife in a flat spin. Mumbling to herself she will run through all her ideas, only to blow them out […]

Speedy, Satisfying, Summer Salads.

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