Curry and thrice.

This great article is by the blog the pool man says. It is an ode to Indian food and culture I love as much as mine.

Going to the beach is a huge family affair back at home. Also going on any weekend trip. All family members and extended family members gather around. Everyone brings potluck. Sometimes it’s banana leaf wrapped rice and curry lunches, or some delicious aromatic curries with bread. Everyone sits around any rock tree trunk or just in the dirt digging in. There is conversation, laughter and love in that shared meal.

I feel Sri Lankan curries are more milder filled with aroma of fresh coconut milk and lighter than Indian versions. We Sri Lankans love our red lentil curry it is a must in banana leaf wrapped lunch. Also tempered green mallum , dark tuna curry and eggplant fry. Such a fantastic combination of flavors to experience sitting in a warm sandy beach , enjoying the ocean breeze. It’s the joy that makes up for good memories.

I spent 10 years in KwaZulu-Natal but one thing I didn’t get used to, was the Indian (red) curry. I’m a born and bred Capetonian, so give me the Malay (yellow) curry anyday. I must say the Indian people are very friendly. When we first arrived on the South Coast, about 140 kms from Durban, […]

Curry and thrice.
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