The Sri Lankan Umami – Part 1

I love my food. Above all the Sri Lankan food. In any day ,a rice bowl with three curried vegetables one curried meat, a fried papadam, a Salad is my dream meal. However, I do not get to eat my favorite meals as often as I like, because it takes long time to prepare from scratch . In that at least, I feel lucky I do a cooking blog where I get to experiment on how to recreate my favorite recipes to fit my life and likes of my family and write about it. Today I am happy to share with you one such happy outcome. To all my Sri Lankan friends you can easily make this and keep in the fridge or freezer to use whenever your heart desires a Sri Lankan meal. To my many other friends reading my blog from all over the world, do not despair or think this is too complicated to make. I promise you if decide to make it. result is going to be extremely rewarding, and you … Continue reading The Sri Lankan Umami – Part 1