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My rice and curry Christmas and New year

Wishing you all my theperfectcurry family members a very happy 2022. I hope everyone had been enjoying their time with friends and family and having the best food time possible. We certainly did and I am happy to share all about it . We dove in straight to feasting mode from day before Christmas. Even through I had been doing vegetarian based diet past few months, for the holidays we chose to go all in and indulge in every food that we had missed so much. I meant full guilty pleasure foods. I made rye sourdough French toast and bacon with eggs. I planned ahead and made some yummy chili pineapple jam and Sri Lanka style lemon pickle ahead. Few days back I received yummy mixed berry jam in exchange for my rye sourdough starter. Spreads covered I decided to bake two giant rye sourdough sandwich loaves to fulfil all the sandwich, toast and cinnamon toast cravings. There was no stopping after that. Egg and cream cinnamon French toast, fried bacon, pineapple jam , berry …

Title card of the Eggplant curry recipe

Sri Lankan eggplant curry with Air fried eggplants

Vegan, Plant based spicy eggplant curry with Sri Lankan flavors. Perfect accompaniment to Rice and curry meals and Sourdough bread meals