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Chorizo, Potato, and Apple Skillet

[disclosure] National Potato Month! Time to celebrate French fries, hash browns, and mashed potatoes right? That is true but today, I have a different type of potato dish. This Chorizo, Potato, and Apple Skillet is a hearty, cool-weather meal that can be prepared in under an hour. Chorizo, Potato, and Apple Skillet Spicy chorizo sausage, […] Chorizo, Potato, and Apple Skillet

Do you like eating chili? Here is a different way !

The Spicy Vegetable Chili Feels like I have been making chili since like forever. I have made so many of them I cannot even keep a count. because you know? it is one of the best comfort foods that not only amazing in the winter but in summer too. May it be the bowl of chili topped with sour cream and bread sprinkled cheddar on top. Over your favorite pasta or to make Nachos with it just could not get any better. Over the years I have made many versions of this dish, with different beans, some with white beans, garbanzo beans or red kidney beans and different meat and veggie combinations. It comes out so much nuttier and flavorful with red kidney beans. I guess you could say I have my favorite. Red kidney beans are so full flavored, and it look gorgeous whenever you cook with it. However, beans are that special ingredient that I like to take my time preparing. Also, it is not an everyday cooking ingredient for me. I know …