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This spicy turkey Curry is your curry fix of the Thanksgiving

Turkey Curry wasn’t a really thing in my recipe box. I always made turkey roast for Thanksgiving. It was something traditional where I live, I wanted to adopt. Over last 10 years, I like to think I did really good job of incorporating my Sri Lankan spicy routes to turkey roast. I loved every minute of it. Now a days I am finding more ways to eat vegetable based meals, so traditional turkey roast slowly slipped off my recipe box. Because let’s face it, we have too much leftovers! So we turned to other meats and dishes. But this year I have lot to be thankful for. I have my blog, I have given it lots of my time, and I am really happy and proud of it. Also, my children are happy thriving in school, and first time in years me and my husband have some time to ourselves. We are thankful for our family, friends, good health and opportunities we have had to thrive. Because of all that, I wanted to cook a …

Whole mung beans: Why you should make a curry out of them

Whole Mung Beans Curry Mung beans why are they good for you whole Mung beans is a more popular legume in Asian countries because of its draught friendly shorter crop cycle and easy to grow crop. It is curried, used in salads and in desserts and breads.  Many popular desserts in Sri Lanka uses roasted whole mung beans, however my favorite use is the creamy and flavorful curry my using boiled mung beans and coconut milk-based sauce. Typically, it is a coconut milk-based curry that has runny consistency with milder flavor to it, but my mother’s way of making this curry is quite like making refried beans without tomatoes. Whole mung beans vs hulled version is packed with nutrients and delivers a healthy balanced dose of micronutrients like protein, carbohydrate, and fiber along with wider array of important micronutrients. My favorite part is a serving of this pulse delivering 15.2 grams of fibers per 38.7 grams of carbohydrates. whole mung beans contain more soluble fibers, benefiting to promote digestive health, blood glucose and cholesterol regulation. …

How to make Pumpkin Curry

how to make pumpkin curry Sri Lankan Style. Easy, Vegan, kid friendly recipe.