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village style chicken curry

Curried Chicken Fry Village Style

Chicken curry made with pan roasting chicken in its own juices and spices until roasted perfection. keto friendly and flavorful

From Leftovers to Curry

Made something like this last night for dinner! Added teaspoon of homemade black curry paste and half a teaspoon of turmeric powder and little salt to Cubed chicken tenders. Marinated for half and hour. Stir fried in high heat with carrots and celery. Once brown added 2 tablespoons of whole yogurt and half a cup of coconut cream. Yum ! Over pasta or rice and it was a hit. Will share the black curry paste soon. From Leftovers to Curry

Chicken, pineapple & coconut curry by Emma

Quick to russell up, with no fussy ingredients required. This mild curry is an easy weekday supper win. The coconut milk affords it a silky richness, and it’s not a spice bomb, so is sure to please even those who, like me, would claim not to like ‘curry’! Wheat and Dairy Free. Chicken, pineapple & coconut curry