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Chana Dal Panki| Gujarati Lentil Pancake In A Banana Leaf

A wholesome lentil pancake cooked in a banana leaf. Chana Dal Panki| Gujarati Lentil Pancake In A Banana Leaf

Mary Flahavan’s Banana and Berry Oat Bread

Good read and love to try this out Banana and Berry Oat Bread… What weekends are made for! Recipe Makes 12 slices Preparation 10 mins cooking time 45 mins Ingredients 125g Greek yogurt 2 bananas mashed – ripe work better 100g Keelings berries (strawberries, raspberries and blueberries would all work with this bread) 2 large eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 100g brown sugar […] Mary Flahavan’s Banana and Berry Oat Bread

My dream brunch tea table set up with home flavors ❄️❤️ creamcheese pumpkin muffins, milkrice and Sri Lankan sour fish curry, sourdough and cheese, fruit and yogurt with Ceylon Earle Grey tea.

Mini Coconut Loaves

Everyone who loves baking knows how relaxing and enjoyable it can be. Although I am a nervous novice to baking, I think a snow day like this calls for a recipe with little warmth to it like baking a crusty loaf. It is always exiting to see how to my yeast will work on a given day and how your loaf turn out to be. I have hardly begun to scratch the surface of baking, but I think my efforts bore a delightful fruit today. Sri Lankan traditional crusty coconut loaves in other words the mighty ” Roast paan” (double baked bread) is a something I always loved whether it was for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Loaded with coconut oil and baked to crispness it can augment any type of curry or stew. It can even serve as a tea time snack with a savory relish or just as is. So here it goes. 4 cups of flour 1 sachet of yeast 2 tsp sea salt 3 tsp sugar Melted Coconut oil 1 cup What …