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Sourdough baker’s log

photo of baked bread on black metal tray

Sourdough Creations

Sourdough flavor experiment (November 17,2021)

Decided to make three sourdough loaves with spiced up ginger, nutmeg and cardamom flavors. Also added chipped dried dates , cranberries and raisins for extra oomph. It turned out just what I needed for this cold November afternoon tea. My favorite was chocolate chip , cranberries sourdough tea bread.

Chocolate chip cranberries Rye bread

Baker’s log

Past Sourdough creations

image of rye sourdough Batard
Rye Sourdough bread

3 day rye wholewheat loaf

Rye sourdough and spicy pineapple

Bread an Pineapple curry

image of low GI whole grain sourdough
Low GI whole grain bake

Seeded low GI bread made with rye, hard red wheat.

image of dark rye bread
Dark wholegrain rye bread

Lovely oven spring from 100 % whole grain rye after three day proof in the refrigerator

image of white sourdough loaf with scraped coconut
Coconut Sourdough pan loaf