My Sphere

There is a story behind every artwork and photograph. Here are some of mine.

Apples, Oil Pastels , Kalani M.

Apples in water

Apples in water photographed after sweet memorable apple picking day in Fall of 2020,with my family

Christmas and Fire, By Kalani M.

Christmas and Fire

This was me enjoying a late night cup of tea in my sitting room dimly lit by the glow of the fire and the Christmas tree. This one is very much a beginners attempt to capture the mesmerizing feeling

Birth of a New year, Breakfast Table

Birth of a New year, Breakfast Table

My mom kept a tradition of preparing a grand breakfast table every first of January in blessing upcoming New year. It always had Sri Lankan milk rice and fitting ensembles. This is one of my attempts in keeping tradition alive with my own version of breakfast buffet for my loving frailly

I got you little flower, Hakgala Gardens

I got you Littleone

Lady in Red Saree, Kalani M.

Lady in Red Saree

One of the first Pastel sketches I was truly happy how it came out.

Branches in Fall, Kalani M.

Branches in Fall

It was one very cold wet day in early October. There is a beauty in that blue sky, yellow leaves and grey brown wet branches. I did try to capture the beauty in that while taking a walk with my baby girl.

Dhalias blooming near Horton Plains

Dhalias in Horton Plains

Groundcover Murals , Sri Lanka

Groundcover Murals