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The Benefits of Eating Hot Food — Melanie daPonte

Feeling much better about hot curry based meals now. I like salad as much as the next plant-based lifestyle devotee, but there is something to be said for that satisfied, warm tummy feeling that can only come from hot food, eaten slowly. At my house, we often make a meal out of a simple bowl of soup. Maybe a little chunk of bread, maybe […] The Benefits of Eating Hot Food — Melanie daPonte

Plant-Based Mushroom Stroganoff (Vegan) — Melanie daPonte

This one is for my pasta loving munchkins and me 🙂 Another super simple recipe!  I’ve made this recipe for my family, not all of whom are vegan and I’ve made it for  newly transitioned clients. It’s unanimous–they all love it! Big chunks of earthy  mushrooms and onions in a savory, creamy gravy that tastes almost identical to its traditional counterpart. Mushroom Stroganoff 3 tablespoons Earth Balance […] Plant-Based Mushroom Stroganoff (Vegan) — Melanie daPonte

Sambar secrets 🍅

It’s the end of the week and one of the unpleasant tasks in the To Do list of food prep for the next week is grating coconuts 🥥. Laborious process, but inescapable as we use coconut in practically all the dishes.  And this is where Sambar scores, it’s a gravy dish that does not require […] Sambar secrets 🍅

Kathrikkai Podi Potta Curry| Brinjal Stir-Fry With Freshly Ground Spices — The World Through My Eyes

Eggplant or brinjal tempered curry recipe

Vegan Coronation Chicken Salad — Whisk Averse Baking

vegan chicken with chickpeas