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Rye Sourdough double chocolate chip cookies

Lot more sourdough wonders happening in my kitchen as of recent. Bread, pizzas, flat bread and breakfast bakes. However, I specifically fell in love with this recipe for rye sourdough double chocolate chip cookies out of all my bakes last week. It did so perfectly fit in between two batches of sourdough breads that I baked for my friends. How to make rye sourdough for the cookie dough My sourdough is a stiff starter that sits in refrigerator and is fed once a week before my bake. Rye is my favorite grain to work with, there isn’t any other sourdough that gives such a fine ferment or flavor to the bread. In my bakes I always feed rye starter the day before I plan on baking and leave it on the counter to fermented, when it’s ready and bubbly and pass the float test, I mix in with the rye flour and water to make the rye sour for the bake. In my experience, rye ferment slowly, but because it doesn’t have gluten to form …

Sourdough baking tips and tricks learned over the years

An update to 100% whole wheat sourdough breadmaking with Rye flour Let me start by mentioning where I got my inspiration on for the first time. The perfect loaf. This amazing blog by Maurizio Leo, who is so hands on and knowledgeable about all things baking. Past five years I have followed his blog, methods, and awesome Instagram page for inspiration. If you want technicality of hands-on baking, there is where you find it. But if you are like me, a mom, homemaker who love to add sourdough to your weekly meals. Want to make one yourself or not a fan of supermarket made sourdough bread, then this post is for you my friend. I bake weekly for my family and we have stopped buying bread from the store for the most part. It has taken me several years to get here and have baked many stone hard loaves while learning my lessons. Thank god now I am in a much better place. Let me share my tips with you too. Let us read on! …

Leek and Beef Curry Pizza

This Pizza using curry sauce instead of regular tomato sauce is refreshing and flavorful. perfect easy lunch in minutes.