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The Roles of Tea in Life and Around the World

Tea is close to my heart as a Sri Lankan myself. Good old black tea with milk and sugar twice a day in the morning and afternoon is family time beverage at home even today. Apart from black tea, my other favorites are lime tea, berry tea ( my own version of black tea brewed with black berries and strawberries and little cinnamon) and sage tea ( again Earle grey with a dried leaf of Sage). Perfect for cloudy days like today. Sending you little bit more about tea around the world for your soul. The Roles of Tea in Life and Around the World

Oregano herbal tea with fennel

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay Calorie content per 100 gramsCalories: 38.5 kcalProteins: 0.1 gFat: 0.1 gCarbohydrates: 8.27 g Ingredients:Servings: 2Oregano herb 1 tbsp Fennel seeds 1 tbsp Water 500 ml Honey 2 tsp Cooking method: Place the fennel seeds and oregano herb in an ovenproof dish. Better enameled or glass. Boil a glass of water […] Oregano herbal tea with fennel