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Sourdough baking tips and tricks learned over the years

An update to 100% whole wheat sourdough breadmaking with Rye flour Let me start by mentioning where I got my inspiration on for the first time. The perfect loaf. This amazing blog by Maurizio Leo, who is so hands on and knowledgeable about all things baking. Past five years I have followed his blog, methods, and awesome Instagram page for inspiration. If you want technicality of hands-on baking, there is where you find it. But if you are like me, a mom, homemaker who love to add sourdough to your weekly meals. Want to make one yourself or not a fan of supermarket made sourdough bread, then this post is for you my friend. I bake weekly for my family and we have stopped buying bread from the store for the most part. It has taken me several years to get here and have baked many stone hard loaves while learning my lessons. Thank god now I am in a much better place. Let me share my tips with you too. Let us read on! …

Recap in meals with curries : Top ten Sri Lankan menu ideas from theperfectcurry cooking journey

My top ten dinner bowl meal ideas with curries salads and crisps.

Mini Coconut Loaves

Everyone who loves baking knows how relaxing and enjoyable it can be. Although I am a nervous novice to baking, I think a snow day like this calls for a recipe with little warmth to it like baking a crusty loaf. It is always exiting to see how to my yeast will work on a given day and how your loaf turn out to be. I have hardly begun to scratch the surface of baking, but I think my efforts bore a delightful fruit today. Sri Lankan traditional crusty coconut loaves in other words the mighty ” Roast paan” (double baked bread) is a something I always loved whether it was for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Loaded with coconut oil and baked to crispness it can augment any type of curry or stew. It can even serve as a tea time snack with a savory relish or just as is. So here it goes. 4 cups of flour 1 sachet of yeast 2 tsp sea salt 3 tsp sugar Melted Coconut oil 1 cup What …