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One of Best curry based meals from my kitchen 🥦🥥🥧🥪🌮🍝🍚

image of paratha wrap lunch

Chickpea in a curry is one of my favorite foods. I love creating hummus flavors with different curry sauces that I make. Also I love a good chickpeas curry, crusty chickpea snack in air fryer, or tempered chickpeas with pita chips. Options are limitless. But today I am making chickpeas and another different curry in to a perfect savory breakfast for my family.

I took the time to make black curry seasoning from scratch and cooked a big pot of Ambul thiyal ( Sri Lankan sour fish curry)last night for dinner. It was almost natural to use some of that to create this awesome hummus blend for breakfast. What better than a meal that comes together in seconds, flavorful and nutritious.

How to make Ambul thiyal curry Hummus

A heaping spoon of sour fish curry with a big piece of flavorful fish and a cup of boiled chickpeas mashed together with some chipped cilantro and onions, pinch of salt , lime juice and sesame oil just felt like world in a plate with a paratha. It just is so flavorful and nutritious. For the kids I made a paratha sandwiches with little bit of white rice and tablespoon of hummus with tablespoon of mazzarella cheese.

This one was my attempt to create and share series of easy meals with curries. Its something I do everyday in my home. Curries are not just for eating with rice.

Curry is a concoction of vegetables meat and spices that layers on top of each other to make a sauce that works as one. A complex sauce. It can be used to flavor lot of other meals. I blend red curries up as pizza sauce, pasta sauce or to make briyani with it. Light yellow curries make lovely soups. I regularly use curries and curry seasoning to make flavored salad dressing, dipping oils and hummus. Curries store really well in freezer for three months plus and is a huge part of my meal planning process.


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