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Stories to tell yourself


Today what I am sharing is little food for thought. I just returned from my medical appointment overjoyed I don’t have to go there anymore. I drove home listening to music feeling like dancing around all the way. I was happy and content. of my small victory.

Story that feeds my soul

It took lots of storytelling to dig myself out of the hole I dug for myself. Three years ago I was in a tough place of my life. I didn’t tell myself enough good stories then. I told myself lots of sad and soul crushing stories. Those stories got so overbearing I forgot about good things happening around me.


I lost hope and as a result my health suffered. I became borderline for many health issues. One day, through tears steaming down my cheeks . I realized I need to tell myself easiest feel good stories, as much as I can. I needed to find out ways to love myself. I needed to heal myself. I needed to keep trying.

First story was about friends and family

image of father and daughter walking on a rocky path
my family

I looked around and saw my family reaching out to help. I was lucky to have friends who had been stuck it out with me, took time to visit, have some tea and talk, encourage me on. I started telling myself how they stayed with me through my struggle. Even when I believed I was alone. I told myself how they made feel loved. They made me hopeful. They created happy moments that become good memories and then good stories.

I know It is hard to feel safe enough to be vulnerable. It feels easier to hide. But it’s important to find ways of opening up and letting go of the fear of being vulnerable. Because that is how I found good stories. That’s how I found out that I need to tell a story about how much I loved to cook and write it down. I knew there were so many stories waiting to be born. This was how Theperfectcurry was born and I found first droplets of motivation


Second story is about food that you take in

I took lots of time and effort to learn to care for myself. I had stopped getting in good food. Food that made me feel good. It took lot of research and trial and error to learn the correct way to eat. It took time to realize my body responded wonderfully to plant based foods. It took time to find what recipes I loved the most and what type of small changes I could make and keep myself stick to my diet.

I started meal planning. Even when life was so chaotic in the pandemic. I started logging my meals with the help of #myfitnespal. I started writing ways to make batch meals and making easy spice blends that helped me make recipes I loved, easily. I started making my own bread. Making meals that had high dietary fiber per portion. I rediscovered mix grain rice replacement that helped me curb blood sugar spikes. I started making lots of vegetable curries and writing them down. I shared them with my friends and via blogging. It helped me stay motivated.

two of the websites that I found lots of motivation is from podcast by mastering diabetes and fork over knives. click on below for more information from following resources.

Results started coming bit by bit. I started telling myself that this is working. I started telling myself that my days are going good. I had started healing.

if you would like to read more about my plant based recipes please click below

Third story is about failing

woman standing on green grass

A journey is much more important than a punchline. A journey tells a story about ups and downs and the little bit of midst. Journey tells a story of every little details that’s helps someone else who is looking for inspiration. I think it is really important to tell a story about the journey. Sometimes journeys are all that there is.

I read lot of stories about journeys that others had followed. I was reading and listening to the stories about people who worked on their healing journeys. I listened to the stories about people who had been failing and getting back up. I listened to the stories of true grit. It made sense to me. Because I failed so many times and in so many things.

Failure is consistent. No one has ever been successful without failure. So many times I failed to stick to the plans I made myself. I failed to fulfill the promises I made to my family. That made me not so proud. I re learned I can’t stay drowned in guilt every time I failed. I needed to get back up and keep going. Fortunately, I had kept a journal of my every step. Success and failures. All I had to do was to go back to those stories and find out what helped me out. An inspiration within.

I believed I will turn a failure in to a success and then I will get another story to tell myself. I am determined to keep walking my journey. Because, my journey is about making good stories. My journey is about learning and loving myself. My journey is about small victories. I had one of those small victories today. I reversed wheels of my health. Until next time 😊

Walking the journey


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