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Leafy Greens in a Spicy Curry

Cooking leafy greens in a spicy sauce is a great way to cook the greens that are hardy and have stronger flavors. Collard greens, Dandelions, Swiss chard or any other edible wild greens. What’s better is you could throw in some mushrooms, beans too with this recipe. It is perfect to pair with rye sourdough bread, with hardy wild rice, cracked wheat rice to make up a nourishing meal.

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Leafy Greens in the Breakfast Porridge

Green breakfast porridge is made with Kale and Collard greens pureed with coconut, and extracting juice out, to cook in a rice porridge. It is an ideal meal for breakfast along with some yogurt and honey. This green rice porridge is creamy and earthy at the same time has all the green goodness in it. It is a popular breakfast dish in Sri Lanka. We make it with variety of greens like Sri Lankan pennyworts (Gotu Kola) , hummingbird tree leaves ( Kathurumunga) , Wel Penela leaves ( Cardiospermum halicacabum), Curry leaves. It could be any number of garden greens what you can find the day before. this dish is well known for its medicinal qualities too.

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Greens in a Mallum

Kale or Collard or sometimes both prepared as mallum in Sri Lanka. Again, a Sri Lankan favorite, mallum makes a very important component of the rice and curry meal. made with flavor infused scraped coconut cooked along with the thinly sliced greens and finished with lime juice, makes it easy to absorb the nutrients in the greens.

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Leafy Greens in a Lentil Curry

Cooking greens with lentil curry is a perfect everyday easy curry recipe. It is a perfect way to cook soft watery greens like spinach ,watercress, rainbow chard or leeks. Resulting curry is creamy with lentil coconut sauce and fragrant with turmeric and cinnamon seasonings. Perhaps, this is the easiest preparation of all. Cook the red lentil curry as you would and add chopped greens during the last five minutes of the cooking process and it is ready to go. Perfect for pairing with white bread, siring hoppers, or white rice for a wholesome meal.

Greens as a Condiment

One of the best ways to add leafy greens to any meal is by making them into a chutney or making pesto with it. Sri Lankan style coconut green chili and curry leave chutney is one of my favorite dips for cutlets or carrot sticks. I do think however, this recipe is heavily influence by Indian chutneys made in somewhat similar way. Like, Coriander chutney.

Prepping yourself a curry leaves chutney is super easy. Just puree couple of handfuls of curry leaves, half a cup of coconut, a clove of garlic, three green chilies, teaspoon of turmeric, half a teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of freshly crushed black pepper, tablespoon of lime juice.

Apart from these common methods, we do often add them in to flat breads , salads and soups as well. As the saying goes, as much vegetables as possible in the diet is good. isn’t it ?

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