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Why Are People Switching to Sourdough Bread? — Michigan Mama News

When I switched to bread from rice and curry meals, my baking skills were absolutely zero. Let alone sourdough I could not even bake a bread with instant yeast and bread flour. enough said. I had almost given up it to too elusive, until I stumbled upon a post with encouraging advise and amazing recipe that gave me my first good bread three years ago. I didn’t give up kept baking, experimenting with recipes. I buy bake all my bread myself from home stoneground flour and have three lovely starters with me. sourdough baking is the pinnacle of baking absolutely. It gives me such a great joy to see my friends posing their recipes and share pictures.

I always loved bread and curry. one of my go to is red lentil curry, bread and coconut Sambal. out of all the bread recipes 100% rye sourdough is my favorite to make and eat, while 50:50 wholegrain sourdough next. I absolutely agree with everything that is said in this article.

Image by Tania_delosbosques from Pixabay A lower glycemic bread is one of the many benefits of eating homemade sourdough bread. This past year, my family has been really getting into sourdough. I feel like I am cheating when I eat it because it tastes that good compared to most bread. The bacteria that form the […]

Why Are People Switching to Sourdough Bread? — Michigan Mama News
Rye sourdough bread

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