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Coconut flavored Rice-A-Roni


There have been many occasions when me and my children do not look eye to eye about dinner. I take so much love and effort making something nutritious and yummy for them and all I get is an eyeroll and “I wish there was Mac and Cheese”. It just is so heartbreaking when you have to face a dinner table battle over food choices. Even when I have no qualms whatsoever with mac and cheese. I make it so often , I can do it my eyes closed.

I usually prefer making rice for kids meals just because it is easier to make, easier to sneak vegetables into and it is my favorite side to eat. only problem I face is my kids want nothing to do with rice. I was wondering for some time how do I make it to look like and taste like macaroni, then I stumbled upon the idea of Rice -A-Roni and perfect way to make it.


with simple ingredients like coconut milk , rice and cheese that we all have in our kitchens, we can easily make this in a heavy bottomed pot , instant pot or a rice cooker. Resulting Rice-A- Roni is just as creamier ,tastes heavenly and with this little flavor trick even looks the mac and cheese.

with that note, lets gather up what we need to make this simple and tasty side dish.



** please be careful while transferring steaming milk rice to the casserole, because it will be really hot.

I have made this dish several times now and every time it is a hit with my frailly. no complains, no comparisons. Rice -A- Roni just disappears rite out of table.

I hope you will try to make it and fall in love with it as much as I have. please let me know what you think below. Have a great 4 th of July !

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