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Sri Lankan Black pork curry and more

Black pork curry

What better time to breakout new seasoning blends test out grilling barbecuing and smoking than when we readying for 4th of July weekend. Having a premade curry seasoning gives you a way to cook easiest pork recipes ever. We did exactly that with one of our Seasoning bleads inspired by Sri Lankan flavors. Ever since I wrote about roasted black curry seasoning in my blog post the Sri Lankan Umami -2 , I was dying to try out some of my favorite recipes with it and last weekend was my chance. So we set out with grilling some pork and having a blast with it and recorded the whole process. To day I am happy to share with you the recipes process and vlog with you.

Also if you haven’t had the chance to check out our video yet I am happy to share it here.

So lets get right in to it.

Unlike my previous posts we are going to share with you three recipes today. We started out with pork chops for butter fried pork and then Picnic shoulder for smoking and mixture of both cuts including lean pork , some pork fat and also bones for the curry. Curry needs to have blend of all the cuts to give flavors and textures and bring about the best of seasoning you add to it.

image of black pork curry

Cleaning and prepping pork cuts for the curry

We used pork because it works beautifully with the flavors in roasted curry seasoning mix we are using. all that roasted peppers and coriander and tanginess from Malabar tamarind enhances the creaminess and Coconut cream and paste helps the spices to crust in to the meat making it beautifully buttery and fragrant.

Trim off some of the unwanted fats from the meat ( you definitely don’t want to trim all of it because fat will help dissolve the seasoning and absorb it into the meat, as we all know fat is flavor. it certainly is here ). Wash and pat dry the pork chops and shoulder.

For the preparation of curry, once you clean and pat dry the choice of cut. chop it to about one inch pieces or bite size chunks.

Marinating with black curry seasoning paste

8 oz of seasoning blend was more than enough to amply season 10 lbs of pork for all three recipes. Here is how to do it. Use 1 teaspoon per lb ratio of seasoning per pound of pork for butter fried pork chops, if you are using salted butter skip adding any extra salt. If using unsalted butter add teaspoon of extra salt to adjust salt to taste.

For smoking and curry go with one heaping teaspoon of seasoning blend per pound if you prefer milder taste, but for a stronger flavor please feel free to add more according to your taste. Malabar tamarind we use in the seasoning will release more and more flavor while cooking, making the resulting curry and smoked meat on high flavored note. Let the seasoning marinate in to the meat for 2 hours to overnight in the refrigerator.

butter fried pork chops only need to marinate about an hour.


  • Heat Cast iron griddle in very high heat with all the burners on in gas grill. it should be smoking hot for an instant sear. Add some butter in the pan and as it melts add the pork chops. let the meat sear on both side. cook on high, basting in melted butter until internal temperature reaches 145 degrees F . Remove from the flame and serve with steamed rice or bread and green salad on the side
  • Add one and half cup of water or coconut milk to two pounds of marinated pork cubes. cover and cook on low and slow flame, roughly about 40 minutes per pound. once the meat is cooked through open the lid and cook for another half an hour until sauce thickens and aromatic.
  • Start the smoker and (let your husband walk you through the process !, just joking .). cook on low in side your cast iron dutch oven. keep the lid closed for first hour and open the lid afterwards and let it smoke and slowly roast. ( refer video demonstration ). We left the meat smoking for 16 hours before slicing it came out oh so perfect. crusty on the outside and juicy and tender inside. almost buttery.

Serving suggestions that go well with black pork curry

Then it was time to feast !

I hope you enjoyed cooking with us and give a try to make this delights yourself. I promise you wont be disappointed. If you like my recipes support with a comment share and like and even better with a subscribe.


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