The Sri Lankan Umami-Part 2

Roasted curry seasoning for Black Pork Curry Its Summer! Hot days are here with abundance of greenery outdoor cooking, grilling and barbeques. It is time for adding new recipes to your grilling and barbeque recipe log. Its time for me to share my second part of seasoning mix series which can double as a marinade for Pork, Tuna, Mackerel will give you most rewarding result. Every time, we make black pork curry (Kalu pork curry), Tuna ambul Thiyal (Tuna Balti) we use dry roasted spice blend that is intense and highly aromatic, it enhances the flavor of coated meat or fish to the next level. Time to time, I make a big batch of black curry seasoning mix and marinade Pork chops or Tuna stakes and make a big batch of Ambul Thiyal for the freezer.  What I know by years of making ambul thiyal is it gets better and better with keeping even in the freezer. To me, Ambul thiyal completes rice and curry combination meal, with lentil curry, green salad, coconut sambol. But … Continue reading The Sri Lankan Umami-Part 2