Month: January 2021

100 likes on my posts ! I am so excited and grateful 🥰

Vegan red bell peppers stuffed with quinoa

Vegan red bell peppers stuffed with quinoa I love stuffed red peppers. I used to make them with meat, but since I am trying to eat less meat, I looked for vegan or vegetarian recipes for stuffed peppers. This one is with the ingredients I had in my kitchen, as always. Ingredients: 3 cups cooked […] Vegan red bell peppers stuffed with quinoa

Mary Flahavan’s Banana and Berry Oat Bread

Good read and love to try this out Banana and Berry Oat Bread… What weekends are made for! Recipe Makes 12 slices Preparation 10 mins cooking time 45 mins Ingredients 125g Greek yogurt 2 bananas mashed – ripe work better 100g Keelings berries (strawberries, raspberries and blueberries would all work with this bread) 2 large eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 100g brown sugar […] Mary Flahavan’s Banana and Berry Oat Bread

Quick lunch while family is out planning my birthday surprise!

Daddy and daughters have been “whispering” to each other for few days now, about surprising mommy on her birthday. Of course, “I didn’t know anything about it”, what they are planning and where they will be going, when they went out leaving me behind. Besides, I was so glad to have the day to myself, read my favorite book, enjoy my coffee without a toddler sitting in the lap trying to kick the cup out of my hand. Now, do I mind having belayed birthday treat? I certainly not , not today. Having some me time, also meant making myself quick and flavorful lunch. So, I made this super yummy skillet fried chicken inspired by one of the recipes from stellar chef Rick Stein but using South Asian inspiration. Best part is I will be watching Inauguration of our 46th president Joe Biden and first ever Indian Jamaican vice president ( first women vice president! how cool is that !) while enjoying my lunch. What a splendid way to spend the afternoon. Skillet fried chicken …

How to make one big family omelet

Hi all, I hope you had a great weekend. I had a fabulous weekend with my family. All my fab weekends include cooking, trying out new recipes, eating and going for walks. After such a long time I took out all my cast iron cookware and give them a good scrub and cooked some wholesome meals in it. If you are like me, you know how flavorful everything turns out with that beautiful even heat and beautiful searing happening with all that high heat retention. I simply love cooking in them. Once you get the hang of it its snap to clean as well. But we will talk about all that technicality behind using cast iron later.  Today is all about that skillet breakfast I made in my beautiful well-seasoned pan. Gone are the time both my kids loved eating eggs, I now must bribe them to get them to eat eggs, unless its cake. So, I was looking for recipes and looking at different ways to turn that simple egg in to something beyond …