Year: 2021

Potatoes, Beets and Curries

Beetroot curry and Potato curry salad. what goes best with beetroots ? storm of good recipes using Sri Lankan curry seasoning base

Sri Lankan Style Spicy Squid Curry

This delicious spicy and tangy Sri Lankan style squid curry is all you need, if you want to have non fried calamari.

Sri Lankan Red Curry Seasoning Base

The Sri Lankan Umami Part -3 We have had a quite a journey with seasoning blends that we prepared in our previous posts. After much trial and error and research, it was a hallelujah moment for me when I figured out the curry blends that simplified labor intensive process of Sri Lankan curries. I am no stranger to making my own seasoning bases. Ever since I started cooking when I was 7 or 8 years old from my first lentil curry, I was always trying to make things more efficient in the kitchen. I strived to stay authentic to rustic flavors but always tweaking things to make ready to go seasoning and food prep techniques. I would borrow or buy cookbooks and read how flavors evolve and watch so many instructional videos how other chefs and home cooks do it. Most of my tiny bit of leisure time after caring for my two little angels went to researching curries, flavors, and other similar dishes around the world. At first my husband was the guinea pig …

Extra Spicy Curried Mackerel Fish

Curried Fatty fish using Sri Lankan spices , inspired by Goan fish curry.